A Simple Meandering – The Photographer Making a Big Impact

A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change

We love celebrating creative businesses at Print Ark, and we love to share with you the people, the heart, behind the businesses we partner with.

This week we’d love to introduce you to A Simple Meandering, the home of soulful wall art to encourage mindful living.

With a range of stunning photographic prints including snowy bison, majestic elk, wild horses and breath taking views from  travels across the ocean and right here in Australia, you are sure to find a special something for your home.

We recently spoke with Elisa from from A Simple Meandering to talk about her business and about the very special commitment she has made to charity- Kolkata Tree House Homes

About A Simple Meandering
A Simple Meandering
Image: Elisa (A Simple Meandering) and her family.
We are so excited to be showcasing your work and can’t wait to share more about A Simple Meandering with everyone.

Can you tell us a little about your business?

I’ve been practising photography since I was a teenager, but more professionally over the past 10 years. A Simple Meandering was born out of a love for photography and a desire to travel.

We visited Kangaroo Island in 2016 and from then on, decided to try to continue seeing different parts of Australia. We also came to realise around this time, that you simply can’t have everything in life and decided that instead of pursuing plans to make our small weatherboard home larger and grander we would keep our home comfortable but simple and invest in seeing more of this world.

And so, in 2018 we spent 5 weeks taking in America’s National Parks while this year we explored Canada for just under a month. Most of our range of soulful photographic art stems from these travels around Australia, America and Canada.

Nature Wall Art Photography, A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change1
Image: A  Simple Meandering  [left]  ‘Stand’ featured by @amberladdstudio  [right] ‘Nature’s Palette’ featured by @mariswanefalea .
A Small Business with a Big Heart- registered  not-for-profit.

I am definitely drawn to your work for that feeling of freedom and seeing the world. Another exciting, and very special part of your business is that you recently registered as a not-for-profit. Tell me more about the charity you are working with?

A Simple Meandering partners with Kolkata’s Tree House Homes in India by donating the proceeds from every print purchase to build the lives of orphaned and abandoned children.

It is estimated that one-third of the world’s poor live in India with around 67 percent of the population living below the poverty line. It is also thought that 100,000 children live on the streets of Kolkata, alone. These Boys and Girls Homes provide love, care, hope and an education for orphaned or abandoned children who would otherwise struggle to survive in one of the poorest cities in the world.

The children range from 3 years of age up to 15 or 16. If you follow along on Instagram, we try to periodically highlight some of the children’s stories. While there are children who have been fully orphaned, others were brought up in brothels or abandoned because their parents simply didn’t have money to feed or clothe them. Having 3 children of our own, we can’t fathom making the decision to give up your child out of sheer hopelessness for their future.

Running a not-for-profit business is a small way of bringing change and social equality to children around the world, when we have been blessed with so much.

A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change
Image: provided by A  Simple Meandering
Kolkata Tree House Homes

Have you got plans to spend some time visiting Kolkata’s Tree House Homes to see how you are helping first hand?

I’m not sure if or when I may be able to visit personally, but my husband actually visited Kolkata last year in 2018. His trip was a big part of why we chose to support this particular organisation, having seen first-hand the work they do and how these children’s lives are being impacted.

A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change
Image: provided by A  Simple Meandering
Favourite Piece from your range of Photographic Prints

Your photographic prints are so calming and thought provoking. Do you have a favourite?

That’s a tough one…almost like being asked to pick your favourite child! I have personal favourites for different reasons.

The Slow Road from our time in Yellow Stone National Park is one of my favourites – as well as our best seller. Not only did these bison stroll across the road in front of us, but also right alongside our car. There really are very few moments that come close. One where you eye ball a huge creature like a bison, only a hand stretch away.

I also love Nature’s Palette for its flawless tones and Remains of The Day for the way it reflects Golden Hour with the late sun’s glow and deep shadows.

Nature Wall Art Photography, A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change2
Image: A  Simple Meandering [left]  ‘The Slow Road’ [right] ‘Kiss the Sun’

You work with both colour and black and white photography. Do you already know as soon as you take the photo how you will edit it, or is that something that comes later on?

It can be a little of both. I am always drawn to black and white photography and have been since I first picked up a camera at 14 years old.

There is something timeless and quintessential about black and whites. I love the way it strips away all other elements leaving just the basic foundations such as light, shadow, expression and emotion.

I have, more recently, been trying to stretch myself to work more with colour… although I can be fussy about the tones of an image so this factor often determines which way I lean.

As a general rule, I love black and white photography for portraiture and images involving my children. But colour can lend itself better to landscape images.

Nature Wall Art Photography, A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change
Image: A  Simple Meandering featuring [left] ‘Beautiful Basics‘  [right] ‘Remains of the Day’
Favourite Photographer

Who is your favourite photographer, one you can’t help but follow on Instagram and browse through their feed?

I have adored and followed Megan Looks on Instagram for the past 4 years. The images she captures of her children are truly sublime as are the tones and use of light.

I love Kristen Cook’s black and whites, especially her January long series of everyday life. And I have started to follow Hello Emilie and Meagan Lindsey Bourne this past year. Their travel imagery is breath taking and inspiring!

It has been our absolute pleasure to showcase your range this week, we’re sure that many will find that perfect something for their walls; something to inspire them, something that speaks to them and something to remind them of how wonder filled our world is.

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Nature Wall Art Photography, A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change
Image: Check out these stunning new releases and more at A Simple  Meandering.


A Simple Meandering

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