Spreading The Christmas Cheer, All The Way To Tanzania

Charity Auction Feature Image

This year Christmas feels more than a bit special to us. It's our second Christmas at Print Ark and we've had a great year helping  creative businesses be discovered by homeowners looking for unique wall art and decor.

But, this Christmas is particularly special because we're doing something different.

For someone different.

Over the last couple of months I've been gathering donated gifts from Australian small businesses (and an awesome New Zealand business too!) and last week we launched our first Print Ark Charity Auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Bandari Project, a charity in Tanzania.

Why them and why Tanzania I hear you ask?

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Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List Feature Image 1

Giving gifts, wrapping them up carefully and watching people as they open them, is the best feeling, but sometimes trying to find a unique gift idea can be a challenge.

Between the crowds at the shops, the search for an awesome deal, as well as the search for something that little bit different and thoughtful, it can leave you overwhelmed.

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The Secret to an Awesome Kids Bedroom

Print Art Blog- The Secret to an awesome kids bedroom feature image, kids bedroom ideas, kids wall decor

Coming up with kids bedroom ideas isn’t difficult. A quick search on Pinterest will have you flooded with inspiration, but what is the secret to executing a truly awesome kids room? We think there are a few special ingredients and to start we’ve gone straight to the source- the kids!

What kids want for their bedroom decorations

Childhood is short and precious, a time where imaginations run wild and everything is possible. Start by talking to your children and seeing what they think would make an amazing kids bedroom.

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How to create a beautiful gender-neutral baby bedroom

Print Ark Blog- How to create a beautiful gender neutral baby bedroom

Designing a nursery or baby bedroom makes some people all sorts of gooey and excited. So many gorgeous Pinterest pics to check out!

Others might be a bit more cynical – will your own nursery end up looking anywhere near that good? Do you need to have some incredible natural creative talent, or can regular people come up with stunning nursery décor ideas too?

Just because you don’t know (or don’t want to let on) what gender your baby is going to be, you don’t have to be restricted in your baby décor ideas. A gender-neutral baby bedroom can be anything but bland and can instead be modern, individual and very beautiful.

Designing your baby’s bedroom in preparation for that precious bundle to join your family is one of the most fun and exciting things that you can do. With baby décor ideas there really are no rules, except to maybe stay true to yourself.

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How to Motivate Yourself and Stay Motivated!


Do you sometimes feel like you’re drifting through life? Counting down to your next holiday? Or just plain bored?

Yeah – me too! Some days I wake up with zero inspiration. On those days, I often find that a little encouragement and positivity can go a long way.

I love to display my favourite motivational quote prints where I can see them as I go about my day... and unsurprisingly, I find that a lot of effective and positive people do the same thing!

So, are you keen to get your motivation levels up?

Then let’s look at why quotes are so effective, ideas for how you can use them, and my top picks for designers that create original motivational prints. Plus, I have a special freebie you can claim right away at the bottom of this post too!

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8 Women Who Followed Their Creative Hearts Right to a Creative Business!

Artists Feature image - Print Ark

It's our first birthday here at Print Ark and what an amazing  year it has been! To celebrate we are showcasing some gorgeous small businesses, and celebrating the the wonderful people behind them. Sharing with you their talent and introducing you to some amazing women and their journey of how they decided to follow their creative hearts to start their creative businesses.

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How to get a professional and affordable design service for less

All is Pretty Feature image

Kristina Van Rooyen, Sydney based interior stylist and the creative director behind All Is Pretty has joined us at Print Ark to discuss eDecorating, a convenient way to get that designers touch in your home without the price tag.

eDecorating is new way of doing things that will save you time and money

Most people think of interior design as something for those who can spend thousands on just one piece of furniture, but there is new way of doing things! And it’s easy, fun and affordable.

We are so lucky to live in a world where everything is accessible at the touch of a button. There is just one little problem here: too many choices…and it can also be easily overwhelming for people to bring their ideas to life and put things together. But there is solution!

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Your Guide to Valentine’s Gifts That Will Last The Test of Time

Valentines day creative gifts header

Dear Valentine, I don't want flowers!

Flowers are expensive, and they last about a week! Essentially, they’re a gift that will be forgotten. That’s a bit rough I know, but surely, we can get a little more creative than that?

Here’s a little helping hand with some Valentines ideas that aren’t going to die in a week. They won’t drop petals all over your tabletop and they won’t have you puzzled when you can’t work out what that strange smell is in your kitchen (it’s the vase water, the stinky vase water!).

You can get creative and put your love on show through a special art print.  A special message, so that each time your loved one looks at it on the wall, they will think of you!

Here are some extra special businesses who can help you out with your gift needs. No, mass produced prints that you’ll see in every second home. By stopping by at Print Ark you are choosing to connect with small businesses, real people who have put their heart and soul into their work and who get so much enjoyment out of every order they fill. But get in quick! with Valentines just around the corner you need to order NOW to ensure you receive it in time.  Go on….surprise your special someone, score some major brownie points and think outside of the box!

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