Boutique: Chelsea-Mae Art

Chelsea-Mae Art

Chelsea-Mae Art has an ever-growing collection of limited edition prints of Chelsea-Mae's stunning artwork. Created with 0.05mm black ink pens, designs are beautifully detailed and unique.

Inspired by the nature around us - the journey of Chelsea-Mae Art began in the back of her high school science class. With her ballpoint pen and her notebook, she started to doodle over everything. Mesmerised by all you can do with just one colour - a love for black ink drawing was born.

Now 19 years old, Chelsea-Mae dreams of nothing more than creating for the rest of her life. Her designs continue to represent what she loves most about the world - the foliage, the landscape and the fractals of nature.

Chelsea-Mae Art's website showcases her limited edition prints of original designs, occasionally an original, but also commissioned/custom pieces - where you can order a piece as you would like it!

Print Ark Boutique- C-Mae Art Whales star collectionart print
Print Ark Boutique- C-Mae Art Birds in foliage art print
Print Ark Boutique- C-Mae Art wall art print
Print Ark Boutique- C-Mae Art Ostrich wall art print