Your Guide to Valentine’s Gifts That Will Last The Test of Time

Valentines day creative gifts header

Dear Valentine, I don't want flowers!

Flowers are expensive, and they last about a week! Essentially, they’re a gift that will be forgotten. That’s a bit rough I know, but surely, we can get a little more creative than that?

Here’s a little helping hand with some Valentines ideas that aren’t going to die in a week. They won’t drop petals all over your tabletop and they won’t have you puzzled when you can’t work out what that strange smell is in your kitchen (it’s the vase water, the stinky vase water!).

You can get creative and put your love on show through a special art print.  A special message, so that each time your loved one looks at it on the wall, they will think of you!

Here are some extra special businesses who can help you out with your gift needs. No, mass produced prints that you’ll see in every second home. By stopping by at Print Ark you are choosing to connect with small businesses, real people who have put their heart and soul into their work and who get so much enjoyment out of every order they fill. But get in quick! with Valentines just around the corner you need to order NOW to ensure you receive it in time.  Go on….surprise your special someone, score some major brownie points and think outside of the box!

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