Top Ten Reasons why you should Shop Small this Christmas

Top Ten Reasons why you should Shop Small this Christmas

Christmas is coming towards us like a freight train and chances are you still have some shopping to do. At Print Ark we are all about supporting small business and spoiling little people, family and friends, so we wanted to put together a list of reasons why you should combine these two things and shop small this Christmas.

There are a few reasons why shopping in large shopping centres or from huge chain stores is what people usually do for Christmas presents. It’s convenient, cheaper and quicker – we get that.

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A Simple Meandering – The Photographer Making a Big Impact

A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change

We love celebrating creative businesses at Print Ark, and we love to share with you the people, the heart, behind the businesses we partner with.

This week we’d love to introduce you to A Simple Meandering, the home of soulful wall art to encourage mindful living.

With a range of stunning photographic prints including snowy bison, majestic elk, wild horses and breath taking views from  travels across the ocean and right here in Australia, you are sure to find a special something for your home.

We recently spoke with Elisa from from A Simple Meandering to talk about her business and about the very special commitment she has made to charity- Kolkata Tree House Homes

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Exciting New Finds at Print Ark

New Finds At Print Ark, Wall Art Prints and Nursery Wall Art Prints copy

Have I mentioned recently about how much I love my job? One of the reasons I started Print Ark is because I love discovering new creatives and seeing new pieces of art.

Our specially curated collection offers only the best in quality and unique style. From prints and photography to crafted textured wall hangings, customised pieces and so much more, and the new pieces in our gallery will surprise and delight.

Art has a unique ability to connect differently with every person who sees it. Some pieces make you happy, others will inspire your own creative side. Some welcome you into the room like a big warm embrace.

These exciting new finds at Print Ark are sure to connect with you. Once you see them, you will be looking for an empty space on your wall to brighten up with one of them.

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Gorgeous Personalised Gifts- Luvi Shell Business Showcase

Luvi Shell, Personalised cushions, Print Ark Blog

At Print Ark we LOVE  celebrating the businesses we are so lucky to partner with, and this week we are showcasing the gorgeous Luvi Shell!

Luvi Shell has created a range of personalised birth details cushions,  name cushions, gorgeous designer floor cushions plus a seasonal range including personalised special delivery Santa sacks, stockings and more.

We recently sat down with Lindy from Luvi Shell to talk about her business and her amazing cushions.

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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that really make her feel special

Mothers day gift ideas

It is true, Mum’s deserve to be spoilt with the most expensive  gifts you can afford, but I’ll let you in on a secret – Mum’s don’t mind how expensive the gift is, as long as you have put love and thought into the present they are sure to love it! .

Here are some awesome ideas for Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that really make her feel special, and that aren’t actually all that costly.

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Spreading The Christmas Cheer, All The Way To Tanzania

Charity Auction Feature Image

This year Christmas feels more than a bit special to us. It's our second Christmas at Print Ark and we've had a great year helping  creative businesses be discovered by homeowners looking for unique wall art and decor.

But, this Christmas is particularly special because we're doing something different.

For someone different.

Over the last couple of months I've been gathering donated gifts from Australian small businesses (and an awesome New Zealand business too!) and last week we launched our first Print Ark Charity Auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Bandari Project, a charity in Tanzania.

Why them and why Tanzania I hear you ask?

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Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Unique Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List Feature Image 1

Giving gifts, wrapping them up carefully and watching people as they open them, is the best feeling, but sometimes trying to find a unique gift idea can be a challenge.

Between the crowds at the shops, the search for an awesome deal, as well as the search for something that little bit different and thoughtful, it can leave you overwhelmed.

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