A Simple Meandering – The Photographer Making a Big Impact

A Simple Meandering - The Photographer Making Big Change

We love celebrating creative businesses at Print Ark, and we love to share with you the people, the heart, behind the businesses we partner with.

This week we’d love to introduce you to A Simple Meandering, the home of soulful wall art to encourage mindful living.

With a range of stunning photographic prints including snowy bison, majestic elk, wild horses and breath taking views from  travels across the ocean and right here in Australia, you are sure to find a special something for your home.

We recently spoke with Elisa from from A Simple Meandering to talk about her business and about the very special commitment she has made to charity- Kolkata Tree House Homes

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What is Intuitive Art?

What is intuitive art, Print Ark Blog

While all artists create using their intuition to an extent, there is a branch of art now being recognised specifically as intuitive art.

We are very excited to have a talented intuitive artist at Print Ark and wanted to take a closer look into this wonderful  area of creativity.

What is Intuitive Art?

Christina Cerqueira creates stunning original works with watercolour paint that have the ability to connect with something inside her admirers.

Intuitive art means different things to different artists, and each artist will interpret it in their own way. There isn’t really a hard and fast definition of intuitive art.

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