Easy budget tips to refresh your home for the New Year

Refresh home wall arts on new year

There is just something about a new year, isn’t there? Filled with renewed energy and good intentions, this is a great time of year to refresh your home and give your living spaces a whole new lease on life.

But if after Christmas your bank balance is looking a little lean, you will love our tips for home improvement on a budget.

To bring luck, joy and prosperity into your home for 2019, let’s get started on the right foot. You don’t have to follow all of our suggestions, but even a tweak here and there will help to refresh your home for the new year.


If you haven’t heard about the Marie Kondo decluttering craze, then where have you been? This queen of sorting wrote a bestselling book and now has a Netflix series about cutting down and neatening up the things in your home.

It can be a big job to do an entire home overhaul like Marie Kondo, but you can do so many little things that will make a difference.

You might find it best to not take on whole rooms at a time either, but set yourself one cupboard, desk or a set of shelves a day. Try some of the following tips:

  • Go through your wardrobe and give any items to charity that you no longer need, haven’t worn in six months, or that don’t make you happy.
  • Pull everything out of the linen closet, give away what you don’t need, and put everything back in neatly folded. A neatly folded linen closet is a ticket to happiness.
  • Sort through kitchen or bathroom cupboards or drawers. Again, get rid of what you don’t use, and then arrange what you do need neatly and in its own space in the cupboard. Look into dividers or even using old cardboard boxes to help keep things in place for the future.

Print Ark- Easy budget tips to refresh your home for the New Year

Photos featuring prints from:
#1 A Simple Meandering, #2 State of Eden #3 Little Design Haus (photo credit @topknotmum)

Move your furniture

Why not completely replan your living space or bedroom for a whole new outlook?

Shift couches to another wall, move the dining table, desks, shelves, bed, anything! In moving your furniture, you will sort of be forced to tidy and vacuum at the same time, so any space you move around will feel brand new.

Moving furniture is also great for the materials and floor coverings, as it sets up new high traction areas and moves things out of the sun, preventing fading.

Print Ark- Refresh Your Styling
Photos featuring [left] Elemental Prints, [right] Oju Design

Add new soft furnishings

Buying new furniture would probably be awesome, but this doesn’t really come cheap. Although you can give any room a gorgeous refresh on a budget by getting new soft furnishings such as throws, cushions and rugs. Go for something different to what you have before – be adventurous with prints and patterns or try a totally new hue.

If you are especially crafty you can make your own using crafts like knitting, patchwork, felting or even making pom poms. A bold injection of colour here and there in any room is guaranteed to make it feel brand new.

Print Ark- Luvi Shell floor cushions
Photo: featuring Luvi Shell gorgeous floor cushion, check out their range for more [including custom name and birth details cushions)

Give old pieces new life

You can give existing pieces of furniture new life with touches like a new coat of paint, new handles on cupboards or drawers etc.

You could spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with a new set of hardware such as taps and faucets in an intriguing finish such as bronze or ornate ceramics.

You might like to buy second hand items from garage sales and set yourself a project to refresh your home space for the new year.

Buy an interesting writing desk or wooden chaise for example, and then teach yourself some DIY carpentry tips. Strip and sand the old paint back and either repaint or stain the wood for a gorgeous new look. Give this piece pride of place in your home and make sure that you tell any friends who come by that you did this yourself!

Print Ark- Refresh Your Styling
Photos featuring prints from: #1 A Simple Meandering, #2 Pick a Pear Creative #3 Elemental Prints

Awaken your walls with art

Buying new and original pieces of artwork for your walls is a wonderful way to refresh your home for the new year. You don’t need to spend thousands, some of the most stunning prints on our website, for example, are very reasonably priced.

Choosing one large, or even several small matching prints can awaken a whole wall, and will lift the entire room even as you just look in the doorway.

We adore the addition of surprising colours as well, if you have a muted, more neutral room why not throw in some bold red, yellow or purple to liven things up?

We especially love the pink and coral colour in this piece,  the must-have colours for the summer and a great addition to any home.

Print Ark- Pick A Pear Creative Protea Living Art Print
Image: Pick A Pear Creative Protea Living Art Print

Plants bring new life

The difference a few plants can make to a space is amazing. Plants can be low cost and low maintenance and make a really impactful change to your rooms.

You can choose living plants (things like ferns and succulents are super hard to kill) or good-looking faux ones, or even a stunning print of plants instead for ultra-low upkeep.

Print Ark- Refresh Your Styling 5
Photo [right] featuring How you See It Art

Create a feature wall

Take one wall in your entrance or living space and make it completely new. You don’t need to have the budget for completely repainting your home, but you could choose a bold, vibrant colour and create a striking feature wall that really stands out.

If you are not up for painting a whole wall, why not consider adding decals, stencils, or wallpaper. You could also try running a decorative wall trimming around the room with some wallpaper or featured detailing below for an effective new look.

Print Ark, Isla Dream Prints, Wall decals 2
Photo featuring Isla Dream Prints wall prints and decals.

Just take one room or one project and get started. You can feel a change happening already even from something small.

Refresh a part of your home for the new year and you will find restored energy every time you enter the space. Once you try one of our home renovation tips on a budget you may even find it hard to stop at just one!

Print Ark- Refresh Your Styling
Photos featuring prints from [left] The Whimsical Wall  [right] Winter Avenue Press [photo credit: @alwaysandforever_styling]
Easy Budget Tips to Refresh your home

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