How to create a beautiful gender-neutral baby bedroom

Print Ark Blog- How to create a beautiful gender neutral baby bedroom

Designing a nursery or baby bedroom makes some people all sorts of gooey and excited. So many gorgeous Pinterest pics to check out!

Others might be a bit more cynical – will your own nursery end up looking anywhere near that good? Do you need to have some incredible natural creative talent, or can regular people come up with stunning nursery décor ideas too?

Just because you don’t know (or don’t want to let on) what gender your baby is going to be, you don’t have to be restricted in your baby décor ideas. A gender-neutral baby bedroom can be anything but bland and can instead be modern, individual and very beautiful.

Designing your baby’s bedroom in preparation for that precious bundle to join your family is one of the most fun and exciting things that you can do. With baby décor ideas there really are no rules, except to maybe stay true to yourself.

Neutral doesn’t need to mean monotone

The idea of a gender-neutral baby bedroom doesn’t mean you have to stick to beige, cream and other earthy tones, it just means you are not limited in your use of colour.

If you were designing a bedroom for a girl you probably wouldn’t want it to be all just shades of pink, and in the same way, you probably don’t want to stick to just one shade or palette for a gender-neutral room either.

And you certainly don’t have to. Some lovely colour choices include:

  • Peach and red
  • Aqua, yellow and grey
  • Tangerine and teal
  • Coral and aqua
  • Navy and mint green (throw in accents of candy pink and blush red!)

Turn gender colours on their head

Who says that pink is for girls or blue is for boys? Embrace pink for a little man, or beautiful blue for your bonnie baby girl, or use both in completely unexpected ways and keep everyone guessing. For ideas consider the innovative work from How You See It Art, such as the bold pink and yellow in this sweet jackalope picture, or the gender-neutral loveliness of this butterfly.

Print Ark Boutique- How You See It Art, Jackalope Print and Butterfly print
How You See It Art- Left: Pink Jackalope print, Right: Butterfly print

Try a touch of black or metallic

Black and white may seem sombre for a baby, but this is a smart base to which you can add and subtract throughout the years. Check out these gorgeous hipster-inspired back and white animal prints from Print Bot for some inspired black and white accessorising choices.

Print Ark Boutique- Print Bot, Hipster-Animal-Art-Poster-Print-Canvas
Print Bot, Hipster Animal Art Prints

Or you could be even more adventurous and paint a feature wall in your nursery black, slate grey or a beautiful navy. The elegance and sophistication that emanates from a dark feature wall can bring a real touch of luxe to the space, and also can help to keep the room warmly lit both day and night for babies who need lots of naps.

Monochrome Nursery Inspiration from
Monochrome Nursery Inspiration from

You could use black as a wonderful base to add glamour or a feeling of boho with metallics like silver, gold or rose gold (even good for a baby boy). Or another modern idea with black is to choose a bright picture to brighten up the wall and make the whole effect really pop.

Black nursery inspiration with Bright art print
Nursery inspiration [pinterest]

Choose a theme

When you are designing a gender-neutral baby bedroom you don’t have either sex as your point of focus, which frees you up to so much more. You are now open to all sorts of colour combinations and ideas.

Some of our favourites themes include:

Wildlife and Jungle

Taking inspiration from some of the stunning animal prints from State of Eden, why not build a baby room around a wildlife theme? You can use natural tones to your heart’s content to build a foundation of colour, and then emphasise this with bold bursts of emerald green, bright orange or rich burgundy.

If you are looking for more whimsical prints for a nature-inspired bedroom you should also check out the watercolour range from Christina Cerqueira.

Print Ark Boutiques- Left State of Eden (Deer and Fawn print, Bunny Print), Right Christina Cerqueira Mother and Child Lion Prints
Left- State of Eden, Deer and Fawn print and Rabbit Print, Right- Christina Cerqueira Mother and Child Lion Prints (Styling: @_ashchase)

Or we also love these super sweet Giraffes from Pick a Pear Creative, a perfect addition to any gender neutral nursery.

Print Ark Boutique- Pick a Pear Creative Giraffe Prints, gender neutral nursery
Pick a Pear Creative- Geoffrey the Baby Giraffe print and Amber the Giraffe print


Why stick to one colour when you can use them all. Channel your memories of confetti from your childhood and celebrate your coming baby with all the colours of the rainbow. Start with clean white walls and then accent with spots of a variety of sizes and colours; either paint them on or use easy wall decals.

You could continue the theme and use spots and dots in your soft furnishings as well such as curtains and rugs.


When you love a cute woodland creature, but you don’t want to deck your little one’s room out floor-to-ceiling in Disney, consider a more muted and subtle use of woodland design. The beautiful rich browns, oranges and golds used for deer and fawns are perfect for a nursery, such as these precious images from Billie Hardy Creative.

Print Ark Boutique- Billie Hardy Creative
    Billie Hardy Creative


Don’t stick to either blue or pink but use a delightful scandi-themed colour palette such as the one showcased by the joyful images from Little Design Haus. Quirky animal prints can still be right at home in this bedroom but will have a sharper, more geometric look.

Print Ark Boutique- Little Design Haus
     Little Design Haus (Pics: @rachelwintonphotography)

With a palette of navy, pale blue, dusky pink, and sea green, Scandinavian styles are minimal and clean with crisp lines and edges. Use white and grey as your base and add texture with accessories like fluffy rugs and three-dimensional bunting and shelves.


Choose a bedroom fit for an explorer ready to take on the world. Picture vintage-style maps and carved furniture in polished wood reminiscent of an old sailing ship. Highlight clouds and aeroplanes in the sky and craft a nifty stack of revamped antique suitcases into a bookshelf.

Gender neutral baby bedroom ideas don’t have to be restrictive

Whether you are making some innovative choices of colour or choosing a theme or style that has stood out to you as unique, you don’t have to play it safe just because you are designing for both sexes.

Make bold and personal choices and the nursery of your dreams will come to life. And as you might be spending some long hours in this space, don’t just design for a baby, but make something welcoming and harmonious for you as well.

We think that a gender-neutral baby bedroom brings even more possibilities rather than less, and instead of being restricted by colour and style, you should consider yourself freed!

Take inspiration from some of the incredible nursery photos on Pinterest and Instagram, and of course from the magical prints from some of our favourite Print Ark artists.

Check out the stunning kids wall art and decor HERE!

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