How to Inspire Creative Kids Through Room Styling

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You don’t need to have a degree in fine art to be able to inspire creativity in your children – you can encourage the natural artist in your little girls and boys through their room décor. To awaken the artistic side in your creative kids these room styling ideas and original images will delight.

How to Inspire Creative Kids Through Room Styling

Styling your kids’ bedroom can bring out the creativity in you as the parent; but did you know that your styling can also inspire creative kids as well?

There are many ways you can put together a beautiful kid’s room on a budget, and still have it be unique and stylish. One great idea is to incorporate original art into your little girl’s or boy’s room.

Involving your children in the decisions around their bedroom style and furnishes, as well as filling their room with pieces that awaken their creativity can get their artistic ideas flowing on a day to day basis. Let’s have a look at how…

Why you should encourage your child’s creativity

Not only should you give your child the encouragement and opportunity to get creative, experts say that you should also let them get bored!

Keeping younger children’s rooms screen and technology free promotes the creative and exploratory parts of their mind, encouraging them to come up with games and projects for themselves.

Encourage your child to stand and stare, to imagine and observe, and to play, craft and create. You will love to see what they come up with, and be thrilled that they can get so much stimulation screen-free.

Involve your child in decorating decisions

You want a room that will grow with your child, as they will seemingly change and get older every time you close your eyes. You want a room that will last and still be loved for some time.

For a room to last some time, chose neutral bases and good quality furniture that will stand up to your child’s everyday use and growing body. This means buying good, neutral pieces as a base such as a bed, dresser, nightstand, shelves and lamp.

The rest of the décor you can play with, including rugs, bedding, pictures, stuffed animals and more. You can change these up as often as your child changes favourite animals or switches from Peppa Pig to Disney princesses and beyond.

Let your child choose the colour palette that you play with. Let them choose the general colours (such as pink and green, for example) while you choose the final shades you go with.

Aim for a room that looks welcoming and friendly, but is calming rather than aggressive (stay away from feature walls that are bright red or orange). Your child should feel at home in their room, but also able to play and make a mess, so invest in surfaces that can be cleaned.

Art and Room Styling to Inspire Creative Kids

You don’t have to be a natural artiste yourself to find beautiful bespoke pieces of décor for your child’s room – we have some incredible sources for you.

Kaebee Designs

Print Ark Blog- Creative kids room styling- Kaebee Designs

When you are looking for original art that will set your child’s room apart from all the rest, have a wander through the beautiful gallery from Kaebee Designs.

These nature-inspired watercolour-look pieces have calming palettes which will fit wonderfully with any décor, many are fully customisable to include your child’s name, initials or more as you like.

You will simply love the images which offer foiling detail as an extra special touch.

Nicole McNamara Art Prints

Print Ark Blog- Creative kids room styling- Nicole McNamara Prints

For something unique just for little girls’ rooms, we adore the whimsical characters created by Nicole McNamara. Lovable prints of fairy Princess Lilly, Summer the Mermaid, Ava the Ballerina and their friends will inspire your little girl’s imagination.

The more subtle and classic look of the characters will last much longer and date more beautifully than commercially-produced motifs from Disney or Nickelodeon.  Weave a little magic into your nursery or little girl’s room that will delight everyone who enters.

The Whimsical Wall

Print Ark Blog- Creative kids room styling- The Whimsical Wall

For exceptional original water colour animals and mythical things, visit one of our favourite artists, Lauren Hakavalu from The Whimsical Wall. Her creatures are filled with warmth, wonder, fun and love, and fit perfectly in any décor.

These gorgeous gicleé art reproductions printed on quality card using luxurious pigment Inks, look amazing!

Isla Dream Prints

Print Ark Blog- Creative kids room styling- ISla Dream Prints

The home to mermaids, unicorns, fairies and dragons- just to name a few! Isla Dream Prints will see your child’s imagination flourish and find a sweet someone to watch over them as they dream. Build special memories together and let their dreams and imaginations run wild!

Other Room Styling Ideas to encourage Creative Kids

Framing children’s artwork

Buy matching frames, from a large department or $2 shop, or even buy mismatched recycled ones from the opp shop or market. Create an art gallery filled with your favourite drawings and paintings from your very own little artist. They will get such a kick out of having their artwork framed and on the wall like the professionals.

As an alternative, you could try incorporating an art display space in the room’s decor, such as a large framed corkboard or strings of bunting with pegs. You can easily rotate the art on display to show off new pieces.

Showcase a favourite book

You could buy an extra copy of your child’s favourite book and then frame one or more of the pictures from it – these can look great as a series in matching frames. Most children’s books are incredible works of art themselves, and the original images look stunning when framed on the wall.

Setting up an art corner

If you give children empty paper their natural urge will be to fill it. Why not set up an art table in a corner of their room, with paper, crayons, glue, stickers, and any bits and bobs that might inspire some arty time.

Painting a blackboard area

Instead of worrying that your children will draw on the walls, give them a wall that is specifically designed for it! With blackboard paint, give them a part of the wall to make their own ever-changing blank canvas.

 Print Ark Blog- Creative kids room styling

Don’t be afraid to let your children get involved in the choices for their room – you will both love the wonderful room that you come up with together. For more creative kids room styling ideas, check out the other artists HERE in our nursery and children’s boutiques.

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