How to Motivate Yourself and Stay Motivated!


Do you sometimes feel like you’re drifting through life? Counting down to your next holiday? Or just plain bored?

Yeah – me too! Some days I wake up with zero inspiration. On those days, I often find that a little encouragement and positivity can go a long way.

I love to display my favourite motivational quote prints where I can see them as I go about my day... and unsurprisingly, I find that a lot of effective and positive people do the same thing!

So, are you keen to get your motivation levels up?

Then let’s look at why quotes are so effective, ideas for how you can use them, and my top picks for designers that create original motivational prints. Plus, I have a special freebie you can claim right away at the bottom of this post too!

Why Motivational Quote Prints Are More Than a Piece of Paper

There is so much power in reading the right words at the right time -  your whole day can change in a single moment. I love displaying  quote prints around my home for so many reasons…

1. To uplift and inspire

In the day to day, it can be easy to get caught up in the small things and forget about what’s important. The right quote can pick you up and remind you of the impact you are having just by showing up consistently and serving the people around you.

2. To make you laugh

There’s nothing like getting a timely reminder to see the funny side of things – turn that frown upside down!

all that is wild quote prints

All That Is Wild

3. Turn a negative mood into a positive one

When you smile, it makes you feel good. Sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, all you need is to see or read something that makes you smile for it to turn your mood (and your day) around.

4. To comfort you

The right words at the right time can bring comfort and help you keep going strong even when it’s tough.

Motivational Quote - Print Ark

5. To help you memorise and recall affirmations

If you look at them often enough, the affirmations you display will be easy to recall in a moment, no matter where you are.

6. To help you self-coach

Self-coaching means owning your situation, identifying your wants/needs, making a plan to achieve your goals, and then motivating yourself to get there. Reading powerful affirming statements throughout the day will help to keep you on track.

The Paper Parlour Quote Prints

The Paper Parlour

Where to put your Motivational Quote Prints

From the obvious to the whacky, here are some of my favourite places to hang and share motivational quotes:

  • The Bedroom (see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night)
  • Home Office (get your work done!)
  • Toilet Door (perfect place for something funny)
  • Lunchbox/post (share it with a friend or loved one)

Some of my favourite places to find Motivational Prints and Posters

Through out this blog I've put together a few of my favourite businesses to find your own quote prints and more.

I see a LOT of prints in all that I do and I can tell you for sure that these are some of the loveliest. Many of the businesses at Print Ark also offer custom prints, so if you have a special quote or saying you'd like designed, ask them and they could do up a custom motivational print – just for you!

Want Your Own Printable Quote right now?

Print Ark Blog Motivational Quote Prints Free Printables

Do you need something right now? We've got you covered. We have a series of gorgeous free printables that you can download and print right away.

I love to stick these on the wall next to my computer or send them to friends who I think might benefit from a little pick me up.

These are some favourite quotes and sayings which can be printed right here and now.


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