How to Organise a Kids Room in a Small Space

How to Organise a Kids Room in a Small Space

How to Organise a Kids Room in a Small Space

Kids tend to need a lot of stuff, no matter how small the child is. In fact, the size of the kid stuff seems to be disproportionate to the size of your child – little babies need prams and highchairs and cots and change tables, whereas your teenager only really needs an iPad to be happy!

Your child’s room doesn’t need to be messy or cramped even if it is on the small side. Here are some great ideas for organising a kids’ room in a small space, that are guaranteed to still have it looking fantastic.

Clever Storage Solutions for Small Space Kids Rooms

A great way to organise a kids’ room is to find furniture that is multi-functional – it works as storage as well as being useful in another way. 

Fortunately, furniture designers are thinking more cleverly when creating their items, and they understand now that space in the home is a priority.

Flexibility of space is also very important. Led by the Ikea revolution, most bigger department stores and furniture stores will offer items that can convert into other things, or that have hidden storage within.

You can also upgrade your existing furniture to make it work harder and smarter.

Some great examples include:

  • Desks and even beds that fold up;
  • Daybeds that hold stuffed toys and work as a play area during the day, then become a comfy sleeping area at night;
  • Use a dresser with a hutch to combine drawers and shelves into one piece of furniture. You might even find a suitable one in the dining/living area of furniture stores; and
  • Popping low bookshelves or cubbies inside the wardrobe when your kids are little and don’t need heaps of hanging space.

Look Up – And Then Use That Space

One of the main reasons why bedrooms end up cluttered is because we locate everything on the floor. This gives a cramped feel to any room.

You can maximise space by using the walls and ceiling area to better advantage, lifting things up off the floor and allowing more flow around the room.

Some great ways you can use the space around the room include:

  • Use a bunk or raised bed for one child that has a desk or play space underneath;
  • Look for a bed with built-in storage underneath;
  • Hang baskets or hammocks for storage;
  • Use shadow boxes fixed to the wall to hold precious items rather than shelves or tables that need floor space;
  • Use slim shelving such as these spice racks below from Ikea instead of a bedside table or to maximise space on a small desk; and
  • Put up a metallic board or knife racks on the wall and glue small magnets onto items to ‘hang’ them.
small space kids rooms, Ikea-Spice-Rack-Storage.
Image Credit: The Sweetest Digs. Use Slim Shelving like these spice racks from Ikea.

If you are handy you could make your own space saving bunk bed for extra floor space like:

small space kids rooms, DIY-Lumberjack-Bedroom-Bunk-Beds
Image Credit: The Project Girl

Small Space Kids Rooms – Repurpose Items for Smarter Storage

Think creatively when you are looking for ways to organise your child’s room. Move beyond the standard beds, desks and shelves that are created for kids and look in other parts of the store for clever options.

Think about what you can repurpose or use in a completely different way to help with storage.

Some ideas include:

  • Moveable storage like this trolley below; 
  • Setting up lazy-susan style access to stationery items;
  • Locate hooks or magazine containers inside cupboard doors to hold things;
  • Hanging plant baskets from the roof to store toys; and
  • Turn a small table into a book bin by giving it some sides.
small space kids rooms, Ikea-Trolley-Storage-Hack
Image Credit: Digs Digs , storage trolleys.

Organise a Kids Room  and Use Colours that Create Space

Darker rooms look smaller and pokier, while light and bright rooms naturally look more spacious, even if they are small. One of the best tricks to creating a larger-looking space is to get light and air into the room, as well as brighten it up with a lighter colour scheme.

Using crisp white or neutral tones on walls and floors is a good start, then you can add pops of bright colour in things like picture frames, shelves, drawers and handles.

small space kids rooms, Mandy-dollery- soft-pink-flamingo
Image Credit: Mandy Dollery, ‘Flamingo’ 

You could also create surprise with one feature wall while keeping the rest of the room mostly neutral. We love the use of wall paper and wall decals, and these can look wonderful along side some beautiful prints. 

small space kids rooms,, Isla-Dream-Prints-Wall-Decals
Image Credit: Blond Noir featuring Isla Dream Prints (find their Prints and Decals here)

If you have any tips for organising a kids’ room that have worked for you, we would love to see pictures – tag @printark and we’ll help other clutter-stressed parents out!


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