How to tell your personal story with a Bohemian Home

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How to tell your personal story with a Bohemian Home

I was going to title this blog ‘How to create the Perfect Bohemian Home’ but then I realised that if there’s one thing boho is not, it’s perfect! Boho is creative, inspired and spirited, and does whatever it wants, so you can’t really try to perfect it, can you?

There are no rules with boho design because it completely flies in the face of rules. So, this article is definitely not about rules or perfection, but we have gathered some tips and guidelines that you could follow in your Bohemian home design (if you wanted to – it’s completely up to you!).

What is Bohemian home décor?

Bohemian style comes from the French word for ‘gypsy’ and embraces all things unconventional, free-flowing and eclectic. However, there is a difference between free-flowing and just ‘thrown-together’ or ‘messy’. How do you find that difference?

Boho feels casual and thrown together, but creating this feeling of freedom in a finished and liveable home does require some planning and co-ordination.

Born in Eastern Europe, Bohemian style usually brings to mind artists, hippies or travellers. Because boho style embraces individuality, the different kinds of bohemian décor can be incredibly diverse.

It can be a great design aesthetic to adopt because it involves more of your own creative input than some other more controlled design styles.

Bohemian Home Décor Tips: Some standards of boho design


Boho colours are big, bold and flamboyant. Even those colours which sound like they could clash jarringly come together beautifully balanced in a bohemian styled room. Think deep purples and magenta, bright jewelled blues and greens, and deep citrusy yellows and oranges.

Boho styling, colourful bohemian home inspiration image
Photo Credit: @colourful_kimmes

Be adventurous with your colour combinations and explore new horizons of colour in your living spaces. One print we adore which perfectly captures the boho vibe is this bold yet natural print from Elemental Prints:

Pink Flower print perfect for Bohemian Styling by Elemental Prints
Photo Credit: Elemental Prints, ‘Los Angeles Stroll’

Bleached Boho

Bohemian home styling is also the comfortable home of white, rustic and natural tones. Crisp whites, neutral colour palette, almost a bleached equivalent.

You can pile on white soft furnishings and play around with different textures, or contrast white beautifully against the natural walls and furniture.

You can also make use of deep earthy tones, such as deep maroon or tarnished gold.

It brings with it the texture, pattern and freedom that we love about a bohemian home but with a softness and calmness to it.

Natural fibres and  macrame like below from Dear Musketeer, are a beautiful detail to feature in this type of space and brings a gorgeous textural element to the walls.

Bohemian Home styling, Dear Musketeer wall hangings
Photo Credit: Dear Musketeer


Boho patterns are one of the signature motifs of the design style. The patterns you can use are creative and broad, bringing to mind all the glorious fabrics of a gypsy’s tent.

As the style choice of travellers, the heady mix and match of patterns in this design theme almost feels as though you are casually making do with whatever cloth you uncovered on your worldly journey.

We love the sense of fun, adventure and romance that comes to mind with this luscious pink print from Pick a Pear Creative:

Bohemian Home Styling Inspiration, Pick a Pear Creative Wall art print and @Photo credit @eclectic_twist styling shot
Photo Credit: Left [ @eclectic_twist ], Right [ Pick a Pear Creative- Marrakesh Mandala Print in Fuchsia ]


When you have embraced the freedom of Bohemian design in your décor you have the wonderful ability to mix and match textures throughout the home. Boho décor is interactive, and evokes a response in all of your senses, including the sense of touch.

You can pair delicate lace or handmade silk with plush velvet, deep luxurious shag, beaded curtains and so much more.

Photo Credit: @rachel_richardson via @verified_vintage

Show off your collection

Being the style choice of nomads, adopting this design selection allows you to showcase all of the bits and bobs you have collected in your own travels. Fill your home with the things that you brought back from far-flung locales, or uncovered in tiny out-of-the-way markets.

If it is interesting and intriguing, brings you fond memories and makes you happy, then it fits with a Bohemian home.

Boho styling, bohemian home inspiration image, fuchsia lounge chair, gallery wall of wall prints,
Photo credit: @disfunkshionmag

A delicious mix of old and new

Boho does have a lovely retro feel to it, and can be made up things you found in antique stores or garage sales, but it doesn’t have to be all vintage wares. The variety of this design choice means you can mix old and modern items together.

Bohemian Home styling, old and new boho styling
Photo Credit:  Design Sponge

Furnishings and decorations

Think ornate lanterns, old books, and decorative mirrors. Boho lifestyle is casual and close to nature; so, your tables will be low and surrounded by ottomans or a wonderful collection of large cushions and rugs.  Mix it up and throw a hanging chair into an indoor space.

While the fabrics are bright and bold, the actual room and furniture are usually natural, with stained wood, exposed beams and bricks, and bamboo and cane pieces.

Bohemian Home styling, furnishings and decorations
Photo credit: @la_sidu

Recycled, reclaimed, handmade and unique

Boho style is using one of a kind pieces that are hard to find and get all of your guests talking. It embraces preloved and vintage furniture and artwork, and adores handcrafted pieces.

Interior designer Nate Berkus says that ‘Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.’ This is the very definition of a Bohemian home – telling the story of you and the life you have chosen to live.

Boho driftwood jewellery hanger
Photo Credit: Curiographer

Boho design is individual and spontaneous; it will look effortless and incredibly welcoming. Not for those who like structure and order, or clean lines or minimal touches. Boho is overstuffed with more of everything and involves decorating with reckless abandon. It is the design equivalent of a great big cozy hug.

boho home styling white and neutral decor

It is making use of every space by filling it with the things you love. It is confident and chaotic, living in the moment and experiencing life to the full.

Check out some of our favourite wall art  HERE to help you create your bohemian home!

[Feature Image Photo Credit: Delightful ]

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