Introducing Print Ark: behind the prints

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Introducing Print Ark: behind the prints

Well, I write this as though it is the about Print Ark, but really, I suppose it starts with me.

My name is Ruth and I’m a mum of 3 small children, who as you can imagine,  keep me extremely busy. More recently, I founded and now operate this exciting creative meeting place for all things printed. Print Ark. My love for my kids and art are my motivation to finding balance in creating, working and family life.

I studied and worked as a Social Worker for several years both here in Australia and overseas. Throughout this time my creative side took a backseat, although it would often find its way into my work life at times! It was becoming a mother and having the opportunity to explore my creative side which brought me to Print Ark.

After having my daughter, I dabbled in creating, making, selling and nurturing my creative spirit. I decided to undertake a course in Graphic Design where my passion only grew.  I was introduced to the creative community, a place where people share and support each other and their successes. At the same time, I discovered an army of women who were creating the life that they wanted by working for themselves.

Inspired and motivated, I wanted to make this happen for myself and so Print Ark was born.

Print Ark is a directory marketplace for shoppers to find exquisite products.

But I want it to be much more than this.

I want:

  • to focus on giving exposure to independent artists and designers so they can get back to doing what they love most, creating!
  • to create a place where people who love beautiful things and love creating beautiful spaces can come find the perfect “finishing touch” and be inspired.
  • it to be a place where we build a community, one which inspires creativity in you, your home and family.

And I would love to combine my passions. To see the Print Ark community using its voice to give back, raising awareness and raising funds for worthy causes. But this, will come as Print Ark grows.

So for now we will work on growing our community, supporting our fellow creatives and connecting customers to the most unique and beautiful pieces for them and their homes.

Thank you for joining us xx

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