Optional Extras

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Check out the below optional extras that you can add to your Print Ark membership package.

If you aren't a Print Ark Member and would be interested to find out more, enquire HERE

Not ready to join, but would like to invest in some affordable promotion for your Business? You too, can choose from the optional extras to get a taste of the Print Ark experience.

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Be included in the next Print Ark Showcase


Inclusion in upcoming Showcase


Get a Customised Blog Post

Feature your story or pieces. Plus promotion on social media and to email list. Up to 400 words.


Extra Social Media Promotion

Skip the schedule and promote your business when you need to. Includes 1 unique post for FB & 1 for Instagram


Do you have an advertising idea in mind?

 Please do get in touch here!

We are always welcome to new ways to collaborate.

Share More in Our Showcase?

Add additional products to our showcase (must be a Print Ark Member)

Promo Inclusion in Print Ark Email

 Take a promo spot in our regular email to subscribers


Promo Email to Print Ark Subscribers

Promo email to Print Ark subscribers. A dedicated co-branded email sent to our list.