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Need A Wall Print Now?

Ever had the need to fill a blank space on your wall like yesterday?

Do you have a house inspection coming up and you simply don't have time to wait for delivery?

Thankfully, the online world of convenience just keeps getting better and better with downloadables and printables to save our sanity. Some of our leading designers have joined the sanity-saving call with instant downloadable and printable wall prints.

Gorgeous prints, quotes and images are now available for your immediate enjoyment. Simply pick your perfect design, purchase, download and print.

It's that easy.

The hard part is deciding which of the stunning prints you want to buy!

If time is on your side, shop all our boutiques and have your pick of the bunch.

Oju Design

Original modern and minimalist wall art prints to turn your house into a home. All our artworks are available as instant printable downloads. We will also print and ship to you any print of your choice

Quick Printing Tips To Get The Best Prints

Buying printable prints is the easiest and cheapest way to get a fresh new look in a hurry. Here's some quick tips to get the best out of your new printable prints.

  1. Using a good quality paper such as a premium matte card stock will give you shop quality prints. It's worth investing a couple of dollars in a pack if you plan on making a hobby of updating your walls. You can use standard paper if you are in a hurry.
  2. Most printables are 8" x 10" to fit into standard frames. Card stock is slightly bigger so you may have to trim it slightly.
  3. Make sure your printer settings are set to "high quality" and the paper is set to high quality or card stock if that is an option. Set your paper to 8 x 10 and borderless for best results. But you may need to tweak your printer settings as al lprinters differ slightly.

And that's it!

There are also local printing businesses that will print for you such as Officeworks, Harvey Norman and other local outlets.