We’ve Found It, The Easy Way to Restyle Your Space!

We Found it The easy way to restyle your space Print Bot Bike Print

It’s hard not to be inspired to decorate and spruce up our homes when shows like The Block, House Rules and Selling Houses Australia make it look so simple. Slap on a coat of paint, hire some en trend furniture none of us can afford and strategically scatter some cushions and throws around. Voila!

If you have renovated before or even just changed the colour of your walls, you will know it is not quite that easy. Painting is one of hardest things to master and so often the colour is never quite what it is meant to be. Choosing to restyle your home is a big decision if you go the whole way. But thankfully there is a much easier way to get a fresh new look.

Wall art and prints are in and they have never been more accessible than they are today. With so much variety to choose from and so many talented artists on show we are now spoilt for choice.

Print Bot bike print
“Bike Print” Print Bot

But, finding designer prints to match your space can be tricky. We sometimes over complicate it and try to find something that matches 100%, but that isn’t actually necessary.

Think about it like this. Wall art and decor can be changed quite easily. Unlike painting a wall or investing in a $3000 couch, with an ever changing selection of prints available, it’s something you can afford to freshen more regularly.

Wild Print Co Escape Print + From the Top Print

‘Escape’ & ‘From the Top’ Wild Print Co

The hardest thing about wall art is working out where to hang it. Once you have your perfect spot marked out and the hook goes into the wall, your done! Simply swap them out to your little hearts content.

maker ink morningtide art print ‘Morning Tide’ Makers Ink

So, how do you select the right wall print for your space?

Pick the piece that speaks to you. Generally if it grabs you right away, then it will grab someone else as well. In saying that though, art is very much a personal thing and an expression of one’s personality. Choose the piece you love, not what you think others will love. 

Dare to be bold. Art is the one place you can spice up a room or add a pop of colour. Don’t be afraid to pick something that jumps out or may be a little abstract. A striking piece of art on your wall oozes personality. And if you decide in a couple of years you don’t like it anymore, you can just change it!

Harli + Dash succulent on pink ‘Succulent on Pink’ Harli + Dash

Find your colours. A lot of people think they have to match their artwork with every colour in their room. This is not quite the case. Pick a colour or two that will be your focal colours and work with them. If your room is greys, whites and charcoals, pick a print with a colour like red or yellow that will accentuate those tones. Adding a splash of yellow into that room and all of a sudden you have a wow factor of sunshine and fun.

Mix it up. Try a mix of textures and effects to make your walls really stand out. If you have a large space to fill, try a collage of prints and hang them in a collage-effect for optimum style. Art work doesn’t necessarily have to be physically textured. Artists are very skilled at giving the effect of texture on a flat canvas.

Think of your house as a mini art gallery. Become the curator of your home and don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, patterns and effects. 

Chatter Prints

A selection of prints by Chatter Prints

Please feel free to browse some of our wall print curators and see if you can find your perfect match.

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