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Print Ark features a curated collection of designer prints and wall art from some of Australia, and the worlds, most talented artists. Each boutique is handpicked to ensure quality and style is of the highest standard. Our range extends to nursery prints, home wall art and decor as well as printed stationery, books and materials.

Print Ark features an array of styles and designs to suit all ages, budgets and decor.  Enter our world where you are bound to find the perfect print.

Shop our boutiques in one place and end the tiresome Google search.

The Whimsical Wall

Luvi Shell

Isla Dream Prints

Winter Avenue Press

C-Mae Art

A Simple Meandering

Oju Design

Christina Cerqueira

Pick a Pear Creative

How You See It Art

The Paper Parlour

State of Eden

Little Design Haus

Elemental Prints


Print Bot

The Good Vinyl Shop

The Good Print Shop

Modern Stationery Co

All That is Wild

Our Tip To Choosing a Print

Finding designer prints to match your space can be tricky. We sometimes over complicate it and try to find something that matches 100%. But think about it like this. Wall art and decor can be changed quite easily. Unlike painting a wall or a $3000 couch, with an ever changing selection of prints available, it's something you can afford to freshen.

Pick the piece that speaks to you. Generally if it grabs you right away, then it will grab someone else as well. Art is very much a personal thing and an expression of ones personality. 

Dare to be bold. Art is the one place you can spice up a room or add a pop of colour. Don't be afraid to pick something that jumps out or may be a little abstract. A striking piece of art on your wall oozes personality.

Mix it up. Try a mix of textures and effects to make your wall really stand out. If you have a large space to fill, try a collage of prints and hang them in a collage-effect for optimum style.

Think of your house as a mini art gallery. Become the curator of your home and don't be afraid to experiment with colours, patterns and effects.