Spring Cleaning Tips to Wake Up Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips to Wake Up Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips to Wake Up Your Home

Spring cleaning is so much more than just tidying and decluttering – it is a way to bring new life into your space. If your home feels musty and dark from hiding during the long months of cold and rain, these spring-cleaning tips are perfect to rejuvenate and wake up your home and your mood,

Open Up to Nature

As soon as the days start to get warmer open up the curtains, doors and windows to nature. Get sunlight and fresh breezes into your home and lift the spirit of every room.

This will air out the rooms and furniture, but will also help restore your energy and get you enthused for the cleaning job ahead.

Elemental Prints Nature Wall Art - Print Ark
Image Credit: Elemental Prints featuring ‘Blushing’.

Make a Plan

Every big job is easier to handle if you break it down into a schedule of smaller jobs. Write a list of the rooms and areas of the home you’d like to get through, and then set a schedule for when you are going to tackle each one.

Write yourself a checklist so you can tick off items when you are done. It is easier to keep going if you get some momentum behind you from quickly seeing the jobs you have already finished.  

Tidy and Declutter

It is difficult to get through a winter without gathering clutter around your home. From stacks of mail and pamphlets to piles of toys and outgrown clothes, it is likely that you have corners of your home needing a good declutter.

If the idea of decluttering your whole home is a bit overwhelming, try to just tackle it one room or even one cupboard at a time.

Organise everything into four piles – things to keep, things to donate, things to throw away and things to repair. Clean and wipe the shelves and then put back the items you are going to keep.

Get yourself some baskets or containers to help organise your drawers and cupboards. These are available from plenty of bigger stores like Kmart or Ikea, but you can also just use old cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes.

If you need extra help with decluttering, try watching the excellent Netflix series featuring Marie Kondo. Her philosophy is that if anything in your home doesn’t spark joy then it might be time to let it go.

Sophie Fisk Design Studio Nature Wall Art
Image Credit: Sophie Fisk Design Studio featuring ‘ Seaside Collide’

Clean Everything

Remove all of your items from cupboards and shelves, and your furniture from the spaces where it has been sitting all winter. Clean and vacuum everywhere before you put anything back.

While a good thorough cleaning can be cathartic, you may not like the lingering smell of chemical cleaning products.

Making your own natural cleaning products is a great way to bring new life and lovely smells into the home. It has the added benefit of being good for the waterways as well as for your pets and kids.

Check our THIS website for recipes for natural cleaning products using simple ingredients that you probably already have in the pantry.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Wake Up Your Home

Awaken All of Your Senses

Much of the spring cleaning you are doing will be pleasing to the eye, but you can reward all of your senses with some changes around the house.

Add living plants which introduce fresh fragrances and new air into your space. Consider the aromatherapy benefits of a scented candle or reed diffuser in your favourite fragrance. Add music by turning up a playlist of tunes perfect for spring cleaning.

Oju Designs Nature Wall Art Prints
Image Credit: wall gallery of prints by  Oju Design

Revamp Your Décor

Now is the perfect time to revamp your décor. Make changes to soft furnishings, artwork and display items around the home to bring new colours and life into your space.

In line with your new minimalist decluttered look, you can tap into the new spring trends of pattern and texture.

Wonderful spring colours include vibrant yellows like mustard and ochre, as well as tangerine, terracotta and pink.

Gorgeous natural prints such as this one are ideal for a fresh home spick and span from a thorough spring clean:


Pick A Pear Creative Protea wall art Print
Image Credit: Pick a Pear Creative, featuring ‘Protea’ living art print  [photo: @kml.interiors_]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Clean from top to bottom, that way any dust or mess falls down onto areas you haven’t yet been over.

Everything in your home should either be practical or beautiful – as Marie Kondo says, if anything doesn’t spark joy in you the consider letting it go.

A Simple Meandering- Awaken Nature Wall Art Print
Image Credit: A Simple Meandering- featuring ‘Awaken’ print.

If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in the last twelve months, then let it go.

Don’t just throw everything out, be creative about ways you can recycle products while working hard to not contribute to the amount of waste we create as a community.

Sell or give items away on Gumtree, donate to the local second-hand store, hold a garage sale or head to a car boot market.

You can recycle random items such as soft plastics, mobile phones, batteries, and light bulbs at special locations such as supermarkets in bigger cities.

Before long you will start to see a huge difference in your home, and more importantly, you will feel refreshed and reawakened. Your home will thank you for all the hard work, as will your family, and you will feel such joy whenever you walk through the door.

Find gorgeous nature wall art from our collection of Australia’s best creative businesses HERE, and breathe some new life into your home decor.


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