The Secret to an Awesome Kids Bedroom

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Coming up with kids bedroom ideas isn’t difficult. A quick search on Pinterest will have you flooded with inspiration, but what is the secret to executing a truly awesome kids room? We think there are a few special ingredients and to start we’ve gone straight to the source- the kids!

What kids want for their bedroom decorations

Childhood is short and precious, a time where imaginations run wild and everything is possible. Start by talking to your children and seeing what they think would make an amazing kids bedroom.

Artist and Illustrator Sara McLeary, believes that “a kids room should be decorated to suit whatever they are interested in or love!”

She asked her own children and the result was clear anything pretty, with unicorns and ballerinas for miss 3 and "Dinosaauuueeeerrrr Roaaaaaaaaarrrrrr" for master 2.

Print Ark Boutique - Sara McLeary Unicorn magic kids wall art print and boy and boat kids wall art print

Kids wall decor- Sara Mcleary- Fine Artist and Illustrator- Unicorn Magic [left], Roo, Bear and Boat [right] (Styling credit: @celebrate.the.little.things)

It’s a great idea to work with their interests, but definitely not a good idea to go out and buy a custom-made dinosaur bed. What happens when cars become the next be thing?

It's also a good idea to avoid committing to a permanent mural wall or furniture elements that tie strongly to one theme. You want to be able to easily change with their interests as they get older.

Choose pieces that can be switched out as they grow- prints, removable wall paper (like Luxe Walls!) and decals, soft furnishings and toys.

Interior stylist, Kristina from All is Pretty agrees- “Kids grow up quickly and their tastes change even quicker, and because of this, it's nice to have a colour scheme that will transition with your child so they can grow into the room.

You can always paint three walls in a neutral shade and one wall can be the fun wall: you can use your child’s favourite colour or some cool wall paper, stickers etc. And when your child is ready for the change you’ll need to do just one wall.”

All is Pretty Style board girls kids bedroom ideas
A gorgeous All is pretty design board, designed to create the sweetest little girls bedroom! Read more from All is pretty here

As children grow their interests change. We’ve asked some kids between the ages of 4 and 11 for their awesome kids bedroom ideas. You might be surprised, it’s much simpler than you may think.

  • “a great kids’ room would have no brothers” (that may be hard to enforce!)
  • a wall full of unicorn pictures and a desk full of art things
  • a dolls house
  • comfy carpet
  • a comfortable bed- “to have nice dreams in”
  • a large bookcase and a desk
  • a really cool loft bed and a desk with a computer
  • a bean bag because “it is a fun place to read books and it’s fun to play with when friends are over. It is also very comfy.”

So, there you have it, it appears that it’s not really that hard. Kids want somewhere to play and create, a space to be comfortable and relax, and spaces to learn.

Print Ark Showcase - Luxe walls kids bedroom ideas wall paper

Play, imagination, comfort- These rooms from @oh.eight.oh.nine featuring Luxe Walls wallpaper and our favourite ‘Highland’ print from Elemental Prints have all these elements!

We also discovered that there is one thing that hasn’t changed over the years and that is wanting a space to collect treasures and memories.

Miss 11 shared with us that her favourite part of her bedroom was her “pin board because pinning photos gives me inspiration to live life to the fullest and also to remember my memories forever.”

Similarly, Candice from Creations Prints and Poems shares her memories of her own room as a child. Shared with 3 sisters it was a tight squeeze but each had their own zone, “filled to the brim with books and treasures and each had to start in our ZONE... and heaven forbid Leonardo Dicaprio's poster was in your sisters zone!”

Print Ark Blog - Creations Prints and Poems, The secret to an awesome kids bedroom
Candice from Creations Prints and Poems creates gorgeous prints which encourage imaginative play. Your little one can star in their very own adventure. Whisking them away in their very own unique poem inspiring their imagination and fun.

A bedroom space to play, create, relax and dream

It seems they all want a little bit of magic, so be adventurous with bunk beds, wallpaper/ wall stickers and fairy lights. Do incorporate the wildest of your kids bedroom ideas, just don’t put too many in one room. Create spaces and zones to encourage areas of play and rest.

Floor length mirrors are great for dress ups, book shelves and draws are perfect for keeping treasured items, colourful rugs can help define a space and bean bags will create a cosy corner.

“A child's room is their sanctuary, a place where they can forget about anything and relax in their own little world.

As mums we create nurseries for our little ones filled with treasures to bring wonder into their lives as they grow their tastes may change from what we had in mind so we need to listen to them, ask them what they love, what makes them happy the create and recreate that space for them as they grow.” Pretty, Playful, Styling 

Print Ark Blog kids bedroom ideas, Little Design haus and Pick a Pear Creative
Creating zones to play and relax. [left] Little Design Haus- Whales prints (pic: Rachel Winton Photography), [right] Pick a Pear Creative - Geoffery and Amber Giraffe prints (pic: @thestylingmama).

Clutter-free space is key for kids to enjoy their bedrooms

Another often overlooked secret to an awesome kids bedroom is to not engulf the space. A space that free from clutter, and free from overwhelming choice, will be more enjoyable for children, and more enjoyable when it comes time to clean up!

Tania, a professional home de-clutter, organisation and interior stylist from Interior Philosophy shared with us what she sees is the overlooked design secret to stylish kids rooms HERE. She highlights some really valuable tools and tips for de-cluttering with your children.

Print Ark Blog- State of Eden and The Whimsical Wall children wall art prints
Kids Wall decor-  [left] State of Eden- Orangutan and Baby Giraffe, [right] The Whimsical Wall- Unicorn Art print.

Add the magic, but not too much

So the secret it, to listen to your kids. They want comfort, they want inspiration, a place to play and relax. Have these elements and you are on to a winner. Add the magic by talking to them about what they like, add their personality and interests through kids wall decor and soft furnishings to add that magic.

“Surround yourself with things that you love. Your space should be a reflection of who you are and the way you live and it should make you feel good. The most beautiful interiors are the ones that are bursting with personality.” Kristina, All is Pretty.

Looking for that magic? Check out the stunning kids wall art HERE!

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