Top Ten Reasons why you should Shop Small this Christmas

Top Ten Reasons why you should Shop Small this Christmas

Christmas is coming towards us like a freight train and chances are you still have some shopping to do. At Print Ark we are all about supporting small business and spoiling little people, family and friends, so we wanted to put together a list of reasons why you should combine these two things and shop small this Christmas.

There are a few reasons why shopping in large shopping centres or from huge chain stores is what people usually do for Christmas presents. It’s convenient, cheaper and quicker – we get that.

But when did buying Christmas gifts for our loved ones become a chore that we just want to power through as quickly as possible?

When you shop small you shop mindfully – you slow down the rush and actually put thought and effort into what you choose. You are present in the moment when you buy, and in your heart are connecting with the person you are buying for.

Almost all small businesses sell online, so you can still do much of this from home if a lack of time is really a problem for you. You could very easily get a glass of wine and a few mince pies, sit up in front of your computer after the kids are in bed, and shop with  joy this Christmas season.

Gorgeous Prints for the home are always a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea. Image Credit: [left] Dear Musketeer [Right] Pick a Pear Creative.

Here are our Top Ten Reasons why you should Shop Small this Christmas

Quality and Attention to Detail

When you shop small this Christmas you are much more likely to get high-quality products. You will buy things that have incredible care put into them, and that have been made using the best materials your shop owner could source.

Because small businesses live and die on the quality of their products – you know  you are getting something good.

When you look closely at these handcrafted and exquisitely made items you see the details, and the time and effort that has gone into it.

Sweet gender neutral children’s prints.  Image Credit:Styling and Photography by @thehhouse_  Featuring Isla Dream Prints

Unique products

The problem with mass-produced items is that they are mass produced. Everyone has them, or has seen them before. If you want to give a truly unique gift and show your loved one how much they really mean to you, make the effort to find something completely original.

Our boutiques prints are original artworks, all handcrafted, digitised and then printed, often in limited numbers. Each one is extraordinary – meaning that when you give one as a gift, your recipient will have never seen anything quite like it.

Beautiful custom watercolour portraits by Christina Cerqueira

Show your recipient how much they mean to you

If you are buying large numbers of things for strangers or acquaintances, such as for your kids to give all of their classmates, then it sometimes makes sense to go with the bigger chains.

But when you are buying for someone special to you, that you know very well, a gift from a small business can have so much more thought and meaning behind it. Take the time to look around and think, ‘Would he/she really love this?’ before you add to cart. 

Buy something Outstanding 

When you shop small this Christmas you are buying something that will stand out from the pile of other presents your person receives. It is sure to be an item they will love and remember, over yet another generic scented candle or Christmas t-shirt. Buy something Long-lasting

Shopping small means buying something that the maker has put incredible time into, both in the planning and crafting – so this item is far more likely to last a long time.

It will last longer than the average present, because of its originality, its quality, and its timelessness. It won’t just break five minutes later, and your recipient won’t tire of it instantly and forget they even have it.

Buy outstanding Photographic Prints like these from [left] A Simple Meandering [Right] Sophie Fisk Design Studio.

Buy things made with Heart

Pieces that come from small businesses are made with heart, and always come with an interesting back story as well. 

When you shop small this Christmas you can get directly to the story behind the product, including where the idea came from, how the materials were sourced, which other small businesses you are supporting in the process.

Every aspect of your product has consideration and heart and soul put into it, and you can feel this directly when you buy from small businesses. And then these backstories make great details to pass onto the person you are giving to; ‘Did you know that print was hand drawn, taking over 10 hours before it’s been digitised and printed. Their talent is amazing!’ Sounds pretty cool, right!

Look at the stunning detail of these Pick a Pear Creative ‘The Secret Garden’ alphabet prints. Hours of work went into each of these!

Customer service

The level of personal attention and customer service you get from small businesses are second to none. Again, because these shops rely so much on word of mouth, as well as actually really caring about their customers, you get personal service unlike anything you receive from large chain stores.

When your store owner hand writes a note or sends personal thank you’s, you know that you’ve made a difference as a customer.

And if you do have a problem with the product they will go above and beyond to fix things and ensure you have a positive buying experience.

Support Australian  business

Buying from small businesses means that you know exactly where your dollar is going, and who it’s going to. If you buy from Aussie small businesses, you will support the backbone of our country and keep your money in Australia. It supports local jobs and far more of the money you spend goes back into the community.

Left shopping a little late? Pop on over to Australian business Oju Design, shop their downloadable art prints, purchase and print at home or at your local print store!

Bring joy to families just like yours

There is a gorgeous meme about how buying from small businesses means you make a small business owner happy, rather than putting money into the pocket of a large conglomerate who, let’s be honest, won’t even notice your contribution.

Shopping small means a family like yours gets the money, and it goes towards food and school fees and guitar lessons for little people like yours. Your purchases far more appreciated by small businesses.

Shop Ethically

When you buy from small businesses you are more likely to be shopping ethically than when you buy from large international chains. 

With small businesses, you know you are shopping at the source, from people who are receiving fair pay and working conditions. Most likely these products will have a far smaller carbon footprint as well, in the materials used, the processes and waste, and the transport to get them to you.

When you shop small this Christmas you make everyone feel good, including the seller, the recipient and yourself. Now that you have that happy Christmas cheer buzz going, why not spread some through our Print Ark vendors, and look for an extra special present in our store? The perfect gift really is only a few clicks away! HERE


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