Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that really make her feel special

Mothers day gift ideas

It is true, Mum’s deserve to be spoilt with the most expensive  gifts you can afford, but I’ll let you in on a secret – Mum’s don’t mind how expensive the gift is, as long as you have put love and thought into the present they are sure to love it! .

Here are some awesome ideas for Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that really make her feel special, and that aren’t actually all that costly.

What Mum Wants for Mother’s Day

The best presents are the ones that are tailored just to your mum. Have a think about what she likes to do, or what would make her happy. If she didn’t have to do any work or look after your whole family and keep the house running and she had an hour to herself, what would she do with it?

How can you put your feelings about her into a gift that lets her know she is different to every other person on the planet, and lets her know how much you appreciate everything she does?

It’s not a matter of expense, it’s a matter of thought. It may also take a little planning, time and effort – these are the things that she will notice. It shows her how long you’ve been thinking about giving her this gift and how she’s worth the effort.

Unique gift Ideas for Mothers Day, Print Ark

Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that don’t break the bank

Give her a rest

Plan for her to have Mother’s Day completely off from any chores. Make her a cup of tea and breakfast in bed, and bring her a glossy magazine to flick through or a new novel to read.

Let her go out for a few hours to a nearby market and wander around by herself. Give her the option of lunch in a café on her own, or take her out for lunch. You could even throw together some yummy food that she likes such as soft cheese, dip, strawberries and take her on a picnic.

Unique MOthers Day Gift Ideas, Print Ark
Image Source & Prints: Left: A Simple Meandering, Right: How You See It Art.

Let her have a nap in the afternoon, or set her up in front of Netflix with a movie that she’ll love (one that Dad and the kids haven’t been letting her watch).

Cook her dinner, and whatever you do, don’t let her lift a finger all day around the house. Letting her take the day off from housework does not mean you should leave it all for her to sort out tomorrow – it means you should do it all for her so she starts tomorrow off with a smile on her face as well.

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Give her Art

We may be biased, but art is such an amazing gift! One that brings joy and comfort over and over again. There are many different ways that you can make Mum’s day with art, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to do it.

One Mum we know received three original canvases one year from her kids, who were aged between 2 and 7. Their Dad had organised the painting session, and the canvases were painted in the same colour scheme (although in wonderfully different styles). They have been proudly displayed on the wall for years afterwards with much love.

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Image Source & Prints- Left: Pick a Pear Creative, Right: The Paper Parlour

Apart from creating original art for her yourself, you could also:

  • Buy her an art kit such as watercolour paints and pad, colouring book and pencils, or a scrapbooking or embroidery kit, to get her started.
  • Arrange to have one of her favourite movie posters or a picture from a childhood book enlarged and framed for her.
  • Arrange for an original artwork tailored for her by an up and coming artist, such as a picture of her favourite pet or a painting done of a photo of her that she loves. ( How You See It Art does amazing pet portraits!)
  • Buy a stunning print that you know will make her happy to look at again and again such as these featured in this post from the Print Ark collection or visit HERE for more ideas.
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Image Source & Prints, Left: Chelsea-Mae Art, Right: Oju Design

Pamper Her

Mums love to be a little bit spoiled and pampered, and again it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Some small ideas for pampering your Mum include:

  • A voucher for a manicure or pedicure
  • Dont just get bath salts, bubbles or a luxurious face mask, make sure she gets the quiet time in the bathroom to enjoy them!
  • A gorgeous teapot and teacup, with some good quality tea leaves (or coffee and chocolate if she loves these more)
  • A bottle of champagne
  • A customised piece of pretty jewellery with the kids’ names or birthstones on it, or a signature piece with an inspirational word charm like these ones from Sister and Soul. Younger children can make some handmade jewellery for her themselves if a grown-up helps.
Unique Mothers day gift ideas, Print Ark
Image Source & Products- Left: State of Eden, Right: Floor Cushion from Luvi Shell.

Cook for Her

One of the best gifts you can give your Mum is the present of learning how to cook yourself.  You could buy her a subscription to a food magazine with the promise that you will cook something out of it for her every week.

You could also buy an appliance, but with the promise that you’ll be using this to make dinner every Sunday night. You might like to get a waffle iron and make waffles for dinner once a week, or a pie-maker and master this little gem of home help.

Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas, Print Ark
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A slow cooker is another great idea – but you can’t buy any of these things and just give them to your mum to keep cooking for you. Say, ‘I am going to use this to cook for you Mum,’ and you will be the Rockstar offspring who makes her feel endlessly special.

Your mum doesn’t need expensive presents, she just needs thoughtful ones that are tailored just for her. Put some thought and love into the perfect gift for your mum and you are guaranteed to make her smile.

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Unique MOthers Day Gift Ideas, Print Ark
Image Source & Products: Left: Christina Cerqueira, Right: Luvi Shell.

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