What is Intuitive Art?

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While all artists create using their intuition to an extent, there is a branch of art now being recognised specifically as intuitive art.

We are very excited to have a talented intuitive artist at Print Ark and wanted to take a closer look into this wonderful  area of creativity.

What is Intuitive Art?

Christina Cerqueira creates stunning original works with watercolour paint that have the ability to connect with something inside her admirers.

Intuitive art means different things to different artists, and each artist will interpret it in their own way. There isn’t really a hard and fast definition of intuitive art.

Generally speaking, intuitive art is created through a spiritual and connected process that is led by the art itself as well as the feelings and senses of the artist. It is heart centred more than guided by the head, so will follow less structure and analysis and just follow what feels right.

For some artists, it may feel as though the art is guiding itself into creation. For others, intuitive art is artwork that is created through messages from the spirit world or through divine guidance.

It requires some trust and confidence in yourself as an artist to create freely without rules or what guidelines each medium traditionally follows. Intuitive artists recommend that you shut down the questioning or analysing side of your brain.

The message you are trying to convey or feelings you are trying to create in your admirers is less of a factor than what feels right and what the art seems to want to do.

Christina Cerqueira, Intuitive Art
Intuitive Art by Christina Cerqueira

What is Different about Intuitive Art?

The loveliness of intuitive art is the freedom it can give the artist to make new connections and open themselves up to new possibilities.

It can also be a very healthy form of expression for an artist because it encourages them to be mindful, listen to their bodies and their emotions and look after themselves. They let go of negative energy and create what feels right.

Christina believes that art comes in many forms, and hers most naturally comes through intuition. There is a necessary practical side to her work, such as using light and shadow to find the base, but the subject and message of the piece happens intuitively.

What is intuitive art


Christina creates her pieces by starting off with meditation sessions, to ground herself and bring her attention to her soul. From there she feels ready to connect with the spirit world and receive any messages or intentions.

“I receive mostly images and interpret these into the messages or artworks. My aim is to inspire happiness in the world.

I enjoy making art. Being able to connect with my soul brings about a special kind of peace. I also love that I get to share the universe’s intentions and uplift the happiness of the world.”

Christina Cerqueira, Watercolour Artist
Christina Cerqueira

Like most artists, Christina finds her inspiration everywhere, including from renowned artists.

“In terms of artists that inspire me, [there are] so many. I would say Van Gogh has been my biggest influence, followed by Cezanne and Japanese wood block prints. I was always drawn to the brush strokes in Van Gogh’s work. It is also common in Cezanne’s work, [as well as] strong feelings and texture.

With the Japanese wood block prints ‘The Great Wave’ is my biggest influence; the outline and the colours.”

Christina also cites Jackson Pollock as an influential artist for her, and among contemporary artists draws inspiration from Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler and Amira Rahim.

“There isn’t necessarily an intuitive artist that has influenced me, but I will go so far as to suggest that each of these artists are intuitive as well. But I think this is a big topic that may cause a lot of controversy!”

The extent to which traditional artists are intuitive, or rely more on guidelines, structure and themes in their work is certainly an interesting topic for discussion.

Christina Cerqueira Intuitive Artist

We love sharing the work of artists at Print Ark and having Christina’s pieces to showcase.

While some of her most intriguing works are created through intuitive art processes, you are certain to appreciate everything that she does. Her custom water colour portraits and water colour ultrasounds are stunning, and perfect for as a gift that is completely unique. They show a wonderfully different view of life, relationships and motherhood.

Christina Cerqueira Intuitive Artist, watercolour artist

She also has a magical series of watercolour prints that are ideal for the nursery and your child’s bedroom, including her mother and child animal series and some stunning ballerinas.

Christina Cerqueira watercolour artist
Christina Cerqueira Mother and Child Prints ( photo credit: @noneofyourbeezwaax )

The freedom she feels as an artist translates sublimely into her work, and connects with her customers, taking them to new heights too.

Why not have a look at them and see what intuitive connections or messages they have for you? Check out more HERE

What is Intuitive Art, featuring artist Christina Cerqueira

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