The Positive Natural Connection: Why pictures of nature can make you feel good

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Pictures of nature in your interior design will bring happiness, health and harmony into your home. Consider images of blue water for peace and calm, stunning pinks for love and greens and browns for better well being and to feel grounded.

The Positive Natural Connection: Why pictures of nature can make you feel good

Pictures of nature have been decorating walls for centuries, and there is a reason why this trend continues today. The positive feeling that people get from a connection with their natural environment, even when indoors, is magical and very hard to deny. It is simple really; pictures of nature can make you feel good.

Your mind might instantly go to the motivational posters that were mass produced and seemed to hang on every tacky office wall throughout the 90s. They were on the right track, but it takes something a little more bespoke and personal to make the right kind of connection for the people in the space.

Health benefits of connections with nature

Countless studies have been done on how to make people happier indoors, mostly in commercial environments. Workplaces, retail stores, health, and wellness centres, for example, all find their occupants and customers respond better to different kinds of décor.

One of the most consistent results we see, is that a connection with nature in interior design will bring positive responses from people in the space.

But why does this happen?

And how can you bring this kind of positivity into your space?

What is the Natural Connection?

A connection with nature can mean a number of different things. Anything that represents one of the natural elements and evokes feelings in the occupants of connecting can work, including:

  • Natural wood finishes
  • Stone tiles and benchtops
  • Water features
  • Plants and greenery
  • Textures and colours

It could include wall or floor coverings, furniture and soft furnishings and decorative touches like flowers and features. But one of the easiest and most economical ways to bring nature vibrantly into your indoor space is with a unique piece of artwork.

Consider these vibrant modern botanical prints from Coco & Peach

Print Ark Pictures of nature blog- Coco & Peach botanical prints (2)

Image: Botanical Prints from Coco & Peach

If you are looking for something beautiful for your living space, master bedroom or even a kid’s room or nursery, there are nature-inspired prints to perfectly suit every space.

What does the science say?

People have an inherent connection with nature and natural elements and need to feel that connection in their daily lives to be healthy and happy. This concept is known as biophilia, which states that we are drawn to nature and can overcome a wide range of physical, mental and emotional health concerns if we feel that natural connection.

Bringing nature indoors can greatly affect your mental health, lowering anxiety, improving your mood, waking you up and making you more creative and productive. It also grounds you and can bring peace and calm to a busy life.

It has also been shown to improve physical health and well being, lowering blood pressure and helping sick people to heal.

Thousands of years of ancient philosophy supports this

It's not just science – the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui supports the positive natural connection. The theory behind Feng Shui is that creating a better flow of energy in your space will encourage growth and wellness in all areas of your life. This happens through targeting five natural elements; water, fire, metal, wood and earth.

Channeling any of these natural elements in your surfaces, soft furnishings or especially in your art, will encourage positive energy to flow into specific areas of your life.

For example, blue and water bring the flow of money, prosperity and wealth into your life, and also encourage peace and calm. Brighten up your entrance or living room with this relaxing water print from Elemental Prints.

Print Ark Pictures of Nature Blog- Elemental Prints Ripple art print

Image: Elemental Prints "Ripple"

Browns remind people of their connection with the earth and provide a very grounding feeling. Green brings health and wellness, while yellows bring family gatherings and happiness.

In the bedroom, pinks and reds are best in your artwork, which you can find in beautiful botanical prints, like this one from Elemental Prints.

Print Ark Picture of Nature Blog- Elemental Prints Wallt Art prints (2)

Image: Elemental Prints, 'Los Angeles Stroll', 'Lavender Fields' and 'Beyond Banff"

In general, pictures showing nature are highly regarded in Chinese philosophy and will bring an atmosphere of harmony and balance into your home.

Nature is more important than ever

In growing and crowded cities, it can get harder to find real natural spaces that we can relax in whenever we like, but the connection with nature and all its good vibes can easily be brought in with décor and artwork.

For people who live in apartments and highrises, pictures of natural elements like trees and water are a wonderful way to bring positive feelings into your space.

Use of trees and animals in children’s bedrooms helps them to grow connected with nature even without having to be physically out in all the time. The use of calming blue in this sweet nest picture from Billie Hardy Creative and there other gorgeous bohemian style prints would go beautifully in any child’s room.

Print Ark Pictures of nature blog- Billie Hardy Creative wall art prints

Images: Billie Hardy Creative- 'Nest', 'Deer' and 'Raccoon' Art Prints.

Art still needs to make a personal connection

While both ancient philosophy and modern science say nature is great, art is still obviously very subjective. You can’t just put up a random picture of trees or waterfalls and feel healthy and happy. The magic in artwork, and especially in making this natural connection, is in finding prints and images that engage you personally.

This lovely picture from All That Is Wild is called Together and is a unique way to bring nature and romance into a space.

Print Ark Pictures of Nature blog- All that is Wild Together wall art print

Image: All That is Wild - 'Together'

You need to choose artwork that makes you feel happy when you see it, that welcomes you into your space and encourages love, joy, family, prosperity, creativity, and energy. If you are choosing images for your entrance hall or living room, these will differ to what you might choose for your own bedroom, or for a lovely nurturing space like a nursery.

Find something that connects with you personally and makes you happy.

Through pictures of nature, you can bring great depth and beauty into your space.

Shop our Nature and Botanical prints HERE to get started.

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